Troubleshooting Steps

If Your Line Item is Not Delivering

If you're not seeing line item/campaign spend in a given report:

  1. Check the real time win stats in the Edit Line Item screen to see if you are actively winning. If so, the other reports will populate based on the timeframes indicated in FAQ section of this page. If you are bidding but not winning, your CPM may be too low to win against the competition or, if you are targeting a specific exchange or deal ID, your creative may be encountering filtering by the exchange--the exchange will need to be contacted for more detail, and AIDEM Support can assist.
  2. Check to see if the Campaign and/or Line Items and/or Advertiser are inactive.
  3. Check the Start and End Dates of the campaign, line item, flight, creative, and creative-line-item association to ensure you are within the designated flight window.
  4. Confirm if the Secure attribute on your creative is properly set. Most inventory only supports Secure creatives, and if you declare it as Insecure, it very often will not match any traffic.
  5. If you have all continents enabled for your account, check the "Continents" field in the Edit Campaign screen to ensure you've selected the desired continent for this campaign.
  6. Check the Performance Report in Query Tool and pull a report using "Hour" as one of the fields to confirm you are not spending. The campaign and line item screens do have a longer delay than the Query Tool, which itself usually has a delay of about an hour before initial impressions appear.
  7. If using a PMP deal ID,
    1. Ensure the bid is above the bid floor.
    2. Ensure you are targeting the deal ID in the targeting screen–if it's not included, we won't respond in the ad markup with the deal ID, and we'll be blocked from buying.
    3. Ensure you’re seeing the deal ID coming through in your Metamarkets instance.
  8. Check if the lifetime budget is fully spent for lifetime campaign or line item. Be sure to check this value in the Line Item & Campaign screens in the UI AND the Performance Report in Query Tool.
  9. If the line item is within a campaign where another line item has the same targeting and creative sizes and both are using Flat CPM bidding as the strategy, but the other line item has a higher CPM, the other line item will always win (until it runs out of budget). We recommend to use pacing in this case, since the varying bid probabilities will allow for your line item to win even though it has a lower CPM. If Flat CPM is truly desired, we recommend setting frequency caps to ensure other line items win.
  10. If the line item is paced, but other line items are not, they will almost always starve the paced line items.
  11. If a list is being used, ensure the list has items in it. If the list is empty, the line item won't serve.
  12. Check the Targeting on the line item and the properties of the Creative. In your Metamarkets instance, set up a report that mimics the targeting parameters, creative size, and creative type (placement type), and check to see if matching bid requests are coming into your bidder. If no, check with your AIDEM account manager to understand if you are missing out on said traffic. If you are seeing this traffic in your bidder check to see if you did not confuse Deal ID, Site ID, App ID, App Bundle or Domain with another of those options.
  13. If you are having delivery issues on Pubmatic or MoPub specifically, ensure you have added a thumbnail to your creative.
  14. If targeting a segment, confirm that segments being targeted have active users within them in the Segments screen.
  15. If using an augmentor/bidding agent, confirm your augmentor/bidding agent is responding with 200s to AIDEM DSP. You can view this by clicking on Tools (beta) and Monitoring.
  16. If targeting IAS segments, please ensure the line item is only targeting IAS segments of one environment type (i.e. the line item does not target both web and in-app IAS segments) and that the environment type of the IAS segment is the same as the environment type targeted on the line item (i.e. the line item targets in-app IAS segments, and in-app environment type)
  17. If the line item is using Advanced Segment Targeting (boolean logic to target with multiple segments), then conflicting logic or empty segments within the statement can often be a cause. If there is a high number of segments included in the boolean statement (7+) these can be tough to troubleshoot individually due to the many interactions. We recommend that you remove segment targeting. First we recommend reducing the line item daily budget ($1-2 should work - just enough to see if the line item has spent). You should then make a note of the boolean statement and then remove the segment targeting. After 5 minutes, feel free to re-apply the segment targeting and increase the daily budget back up to the original value.
  18. If all of the above fails, contact AIDEM Support.


Frequently Asked Questions regarding how long certain operations take in the AIDEM DSP platform and how long it takes before they are visible to the user:

  • Q: If a user fires a postback/segment pixel, when do they appear in the segment?

    A: The user will be associated with the segment within seconds. They will also be eligible to be served ads seconds later if that segment is being targeted.

  • Q: How long does it take for a user to appear in a segment after a segment upload?

    A: Segment upload' will enter a queue to be processed. Depending on the size of the queue at the time of the segment upload, a segment upload can take from a few minutes to a few hours before the file is processed and users are added to their respective segment(s).

  • Q: How often are segment count (the count of the users in a segment) numbers updated in the UI?

    A: Segment counts are updated approximately every 24 hours.

Delivery Stats & Reporting
  • Q: How often is the in-line 'Spend' updated in the AIDEM DSP UI when viewing the Line Item or Campaign objects?

    A: Dashboard metrics (spend, impressions etc.) are updated approximately every hour.

  • Q: What is the reporting delay for Report Builder reports?

    A: Report Builder data updates hourly, with a delay of up to 3 hours.

  • Q: What is the reporting delay for Metamarkets?

    A: Metamarkets data is updated approximately every 6 hours.

  • Q: What is the reporting delay in the Monitoring dashboard?

    A: Less than a minute.

Traffic Filtering
  • Q: How long does it take my traffic to change, from the point of my traffic being updated by my Account Manager?

    A: It can take up to 5 minutes.

  • Q: If I have Advanced Filtering using a List in place, and I update the list on my side (add/remove a list item) - how long before these changes are reflected in my traffic filtering?

    A: Typically less than an hour, but will never be more than 2 hours.