BidStream Filters

High quality traffic is one of the guarantees of the Aidem DSP. To reach this goal Aidem filters the incoming impressions and tags them appropriately in order to avoid bidding on fraudolent traffic.

Fraudolent traffic is tagged through Segments, which are then excluded through Line Item targeting. This is visible in the User section of Line Items' targeting.

A number of Segments are activated by default in every single Line Item to filter out fraudolent traffic. The segments used to filter out fraudolent traffic can be deactivated only through formal request.

You can read more about Segments in Line Item Targeting.

AIDEM Segment Categories

Aidem provides the following Segment Categories purely for convenience. Segments Categories are only used to sort the various Segments according to their function.

GIVTGeneral Invalid Traffic: routine, self-identifying bots, and crawlers
SIVTSophisticated Invalid Traffic: suspected bots masquerading as legitimate users
QOLQuality of life: improvement on the quality of inventory

AIDEM Segments

NameCategoriesDescriptionAlways Active
Crawlers [EXC]GIVTIdentified CrawlersYES
Datacenters [EXC]GIVTTraffic coming through datacentersYES
Residential Proxies [EXC]SIVTIdentified residential proxiesYES
Proxies [EXC]SIVTTraffic coming through proxiesYES
VPN [EXC]SIVTTraffic coming through known VPNsYES
In App Web Views [EXC]QOLIn App Web ViewsYES
Direct Sellers [INC]QOLTraffic coming directly from publishers (without intermediaries)NO
Refreshing Ad Slots [EXC]QOLAutomatically refreshing ad slotsYES
Reward Content [EXC]QOLTraffic obtained through rewards (such as in-app currency)YES
Arbitrage [EXC]QOLArbitrage is a technique used by publishers to get low-quality website visitors to click on high-value advertsYES
Invalid Auction Data [EXC]QOLImpressions with incomplete dataNO
Page Level Freq Cap [INC]QOLAvoid bidding more than one impression on the same pageNO