Creative Bulk Upload

Bulk Uploading Creatives

Upload a zip file of images or a spreadsheet of tags and automatically create Creative Assets and corresponding Creatives from each valid file in the zip files or tag in a spreadsheet. Currently six formats are supported:

  • A zip file of images
  • An Excel spreadsheet from DoubleClick's DCM ("DFA") system
  • A spreadsheet from Doubleclick For Publishers.
  • An Excel spreadsheet from Facebook's Atlas system
  • An Excel spreadsheet from FlashTalking
  • A text file from Sizmek

Note this feature should be considered "beta" as often the formats from these third party systems have unpredictable hiccups.


Like Creative Assets, you utilize the bulk upload in two steps.
First you POST to create the placeholder object then, in a second request you POST the file using the ID created in step 1.

curl -X POST "[host]/rest/creative_bulk_upload" -b cookies.txt -d '{"advertiser_id":1, "click_url":"", "creative_template_id":1, "size_in_bytes":10000, "bulk_type":"image"}'
curl -X POST "[host]/rest/creative_bulk_upload/upload/1" -b cookies.txt -F 'creative_content=@/path/to/file/'


PUTNot Allowed
DELETENot Allowed