What is AIDEM DSP?

A demand-side platform (DSP) is an advertising technology (AdTech) platform that allows advertisers working at brands and ad agencies to buy inventory (aka ad space) on an impression-by-impression basis from publishers via supply-side platforms (SSPs) and ad exchanges. AIDEM DSPs enable media buyers (advertisers and agencies) to purchase a range of inventory from many different publishers all from one user interface.

Create a Campaign

The first step to start serving programmatic advertising with AIDEM DSP is to create a Campaign.

A campaign is simply a grouping of line items that restricts the Line Items in terms of budgets and start and end dates.

Within an Advertiser click the +New Campaign where we can define the parameters for the campaign settings: Name, Start date, Budget, Vendor fees and more. In those campaigns, you can then create different line items that can be split into separate objectives and inventory types.

Advertisers can create as many campaigns as they need to achieve your advertising strategy, a step-by-step guide on how we can be found Link:here (How to create a campaign)

Assign line items

A line item, is an entity that represents the details for where, when, how long, and many more parameters that determine the allowed play-out of one or multiple Creatives.

It corresponds to a given buying activity, usually defined by a set of targeting criteria. Line Items belong to Campaigns, and the sum of all budgets cannot exceed the Campaign budget.

This stage is where we define the type of inventory video, banners or native, what kind of bidding strategy, Targeting settings and Associate one or multiple Creatives.

See Create Line Item page for more details

Creative Association

Creatives are the actual delivered artwork and rendering code for the ad. They are defined by a creative type (e.g. 1=banners) as well as pixel dimensions and other criteria.

Line Items must have Creatives assigned before they can be set to Active. Note, multiple Creatives can be assigned to a single Line Item, and a single Creative can be assigned to multiple Line Items.

See Creative Association page for more details

Implementing Events

In order to track performance, AIDEM DSP offers a way to do so with Events.

Events, are an important part of any DSP, as they provide the feedback the system needs to evaluate the effectiveness of various media purchases.

There are different types of events in the system: “Purchase”, “Lead”, “Sign-up” and “Landing”. We can also use “others” if we need to track a custom event that doesn’t fall in the predefined categories.

More information on this topic can be found Link:here (Conversion Events)


Multiple types of report data related to Advertisers, Campaigns, Line items and creatives can be monitored and scheduled.

Report Builder in the AIDEM DSP has multiple report types: Performance, Inventory, Domain and more can be customised to fit the required metrics and dimensions in any given time.

Also, our AIDEM DSP data can be accessed within AIDEM Analytics for advanced visualisation and analysis.

More info in Reporting section