Time Targeting (Day Parting)

Targeting KeyDescriptionRecommendation
Time of WeekThis is the time of week in EST, or the User's Timezone - depending on your choice. Daypart your line item targeting by dragging a selection over the time of week by day and hour. Included times are in green; excluded times are in red.Use INCLUDE or EXCLUDE targeting.

User Time Targeting

Time targeting allows you to specify which hours in the week you would like to serve ads to your users. This can be very helpful when considering how effective ads can be depending on the brand serving ads and the time of day, for example:

  • Breakfast/Brunch shops serving ads in the morning
  • Bars and restaurants on Thursday and Friday evenings
  • App installs ads are more effective in the evenings and at weekends.

We offer the ability to target both in EST (Eastern Standard Time - the default server time of Buzz) or in the user’s* local timezone which we will pick up automatically.

Note: In this case the “user” is the person seeing the ad unit, not the individual using the Aidem platform.

You can select which timezone you would like to use using the dropdown. Once you have chosen either “Time relevant to user’s location” or “Eastern Timezone”, you will be presented with a grid where you can select the hours in which you would like your line item to deliver.

Time of week targeting shortcuts are available for:

  • Work hours
  • After work
  • Sleeping time
  • Weekends
  • Primetime

Timezones for Pacing

If you are using “Time relative to a user’s location” in your time-targeting setup and you are also using a bidding strategy “with Pacing”, then you will need to clarify which timezones your line item is targeting to inform our Pacing algorithm how to pace the spend on line. It is required to ensure correct pacing behavior.