Alerts Overview

There are many useful alerts provided by Buzz for such things as creative approvals/disapprovals, when campaigns have reached their budget or reached their end date or when videos have finished transcoding. Alerts are delivered in three ways through Buzz:

  • UI Alerts: These alerts are pushed to you in the Buzz UI in the top right hand corner next to the bell icon
  • Email: You can specify a different email address for each alert type
  • Slack: You can specify a different slack channel (and a different emoji!) for each alert type. Please reach out a AIDEM DSP representative to setup

To configure your alerts settings, navigate to them by going to "Admin > Alert Settings" in the Buzz navigation bar

Alert Types

The following are the Alert Types supported by Buzz. For each alert type you can turn them "On" or "Off", and specify an email address OR slack channel to receive the alerts. For Slack alerts you will need to provide your Slack API key as well

Alert TypeDescription
Banned AdsWhen an ad is marked by our system as malicious and will not serve on any exchange. You will also see that your creative has been "Rejected" by ClarityAds on the creative screen.
Campaign ExpirationWhen a campaign has passed its end date
Campaign SpendWhen a campaign has met or exceeded its budget
Creative ApprovalWhen a creative approval status is changed to "Approved"
Creative RejectionWhen a creative approval status is changed to "Rejected"
Line Item Not ServingWhen an active line item has not served over a 24 hour period
Line Item ExpirationWhen a line item has passed its end date
Line Item SpendWhen a line item has met or exceeded its budget
Segment UploadWhen a segment file has completed upload
Video TranscodingWhen a video file has completed transcoding. VAST 2.0, InLine creatives need to finish transcoding before you can set the creatives active.