Vendor Fees

Vendor Fees in the AIDEM DSP platform are a way to optionally include serving costs associated with third-party vendors into the media spend and reporting. You can also create custom Vendor Fees to withhold your own fee. Vendor Fees can be applied at the campaign, line item, or creative level and allow clients to set a budget at the respective level that includes both media spend and Vendor Fees.

How to create a new Vendor Fee

If you are a user with Administrator privileges, or have Vendor Fees creation rights, you will be able to create new Vendor Fees for the AIDEM DSP UI and API.

In order to create a Vendor Fee:

  1. Navigate to Admin -> Vendors from the Nav Bar. This will bring you to the Vendors page.
  2. Click on +New -> Vendor to bring up the "Create New Vendor" dialog.
  3. Fill in all the relevant fields (required fields marked with a red asterisk).
  4. Name your Vendor Fee. Optionally, set the Alternative ID to a value of your choice at the bottom of the dialog. This can be left blank if not relevant.
  5. Select the desired permissions for the custom role. There are four types of permissions that can be set - each controls an aspect of the user’s access to objects and information.
  • Report Permissions control which reports within Report Builder the user can access.
  • Report Field Permissions control which dimensions and measures are available to the user across all reports in Report Builder. Each permission setting within this field will affect a group of fields. For example, Experiments is a permission group that has all the fields related to the Experiments feature (i.e. Test Plan ID, Test Group ID etc) while Vendor Data is a different permission group that has all the fields associated with vendors (i.e. Vendor Fees, Vendor fee name etc). For a full list of report field groups, see here.
  • Object Permissions control which objects the user can access and which actions they can perform. This works independently from other permissions.
  • Dashboard Permissions control which dashboards the user has access to. You can read more about the Dashboard feature Link:here (Report Builder Overview).
  1. Submit the new role settings.
  2. Assign the role to a User.