The Enforcer ensures best practices are applied to Campaigns & Line Items throughout the DSP. It's enabled by default, and most enforcement can be disabled by asking your Account Manager.

Enforced Settings

Object levelFieldEnforced Value
CampaignBudget typeSpend with vendor fees
Line ItemBudget typeSpend with vendor fees
Line ItemBidding strategyOne of:
-Flat CPM
-CPC Goal
-CPA Goal
Line ItemPacingOne of:
-Daily (need daily budget)
-Lifetime (default)
-Flight (need flights)
Line ItemUser TimezonesAutomatically extracted from the Geo Targeting module values.
Targeting ExpressionEnvironment TypeOne of:
-Web+App (default)
Targeting Expressionads.txtAuthorized Direct Sellers
Targeting ExpressionInventory SourceAny combination of:
-Index Exchange
-Magnite (Rubicon)
Default for Banner: AIDEM + Index Exchange + Equativ + OpenX + Magnite (Rubicon) + Xandr
Default for Video: AIDEM + FreeWheel
Targeting ExpressionTime6AM to 11.59PM in the User Timezone
Targeting ExpressionSegmentsAll anti GIVT+SIVT segments enabled

Other Settings

Across all the Accounts and Advertisers a few objects will be created for management and/or convenience purposes.

  • Vendor fees
    • AdServer Banner: Aidem Adserver Banner fee.
    • AdServer Video: Aidem Adserver Video fee.
    • USD FX: currency conversion fee.
    • Technology Fee: global fee.
  • Advertiser Segments
    • Various segments used to build retargeting audiences.
  • Events
    • Various events connected to the aforementioned segments.