Ad Quality

AIDEM requires that all ads served through our system meet quality standards that safeguard the user experience and meet the requirements of our inventory partners. These standards are subject to change.

Advertising Creatives

Ads may not contain the following ad content or behave in the following ways:

  • Illegal Activity: facilitate or promote illegal activity, or contain content that is illegal
  • Malware: distribute adware, spyware, malware or viruses
  • Downloads: cause software to download to the user's device on impression, click, or interaction
  • Deceptive, offensive or inappropriate content: contain content that is deceptive, misleading, defamatory, obscene, distasteful, racially or ethnically offensive, harassing, or that is discriminatory based upon race, gender, color, creed, age, sexual orientation, or disability
  • Adult oriented: contain sexually suggestive, explicit, or pornographic content
  • Intellectual property and copyrighted content: infringe upon or violate any right of any third party, including, without limitation, any intellectual property, copyrighted content, privacy, or publicity rights
  • Illegal or prohibited products: market or promote gambling, guns, alcohol, or tobacco products
  • Additional windows: spawn additional windows or messages beyond the original Ad or auto-forward users’ browsers, resemble system dialogue boxes or error messages
  • Creative Declarations: All creatives must have attributes accurately declared. Including but not limited to advertiser domain, auto-play video, click-to-play video, expandable, secure and any other attributes that may be added from time-to-time.
  • Ad Errors: every auction you win on the platform you must deliver a creative that registers an impression. Any creatives that error out or for any reason or do not deliver are in violation. In particular, the use of VPAID or VAST tags that result in VPAID errors are not allowed.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages must also comply with quality standards, including:

  • General: Landing pages may not contain any of the prohibits content or behaviors outlined above
  • Offers: The offers or products advertised in the creative should match those available on the landing page
  • Forceful redirect: Landing pages should not forcefully redirect the user to other pages or content

Ad Resale

Ad Resale is prohibited.

Political Advertising Policy - United States

Please see US Political Advertising


In cases where AIDEM detects violations to these policies AIDEM shall have the right to immediately stop delivery of the offending ads.