Prebid WinNotice object

Object sent when an auction has been won.

publisherIdString; requiredUnique publisher ID.
siteIdString; requiredUnique site ID.
placementIdString; requiredUnique publisher tag ID.
cpmFloat; requiredThe CPM paid to the Publisher.
currencyString; requiredThe currency of the winning bid. For more information, seeĀ List of currencies.
impIdString; requiredThe unique identifier of the impression that won the auction.
adUnitCodeString; optionalThe unique identifier of the ad-unit-code. It's the ID of the div (aka placement)
auctionIdString; optionalThe unique identifier of the auction.
transactionIdString; optionalThe unique identifier of the BidRequest transaction.
ttlInteger; optionalHow long (in seconds) this bid is considered valid.
requestTimestampInteger; optionalTimestamp of when the request started.
responseTimestampInteger; optionalTimestamp of when the request finished.
dsp_idString; requiredThe DSP id.
app_bundleString; optionalThe id of the App Bundle on the App Store
app_idString; optionalThe AIDEM generated App ID
app_nameString; optionalThe name of the App
app_store_urlString; optionalThe store url or the App
inventory_sourceString; optionalThe inventory source
mediatypeString, requiredThe media type. It can be either banner or video
environmentString, requiredThe environment. It can be either web or app
loaderString, optionalTBD
extObject, optionalExtra data, arbitrary object with reserved fields.

Prebid WinNoticeExt object

Arbitrary object. Reserved fields can be added as needed.

seatidString, optionalThe DSP that sent the winning bid.