Your bidding API should respond with the parameters outlined below. Bid responses may contain multiple bids that correspond to a single impression.

BidResponse object

The interpreted response from the bidder server for each bid request.

idString; requiredA unique identifier for this request, as indicated in the id field of the Bid Request Object.
Note: This must be equal to the value received in the bid request.
bididString; optionalTBD
bidArray of Objects; requiredThe Bid Object.

Bid object

adidString; optionalTBD
idString; requiredA unique identifier to represent this bid.
impidString; requiredA unique identifier for this impression (indicated in the id field of the Impression Object); must be equal to the value received in the bid request.
priceFloat; requiredThe bid price represented as cost per thousand impressions.
catArray of Strings; optionalThe IAB Category of the Advertiser.
cidString; optionalTBD
cridString; optionalThe unique Creative ID
dealidString; optionalA unique identifier to represent a deal.
curstring; requiredThe currency of the bid response. For more information, see List of currencies.
wInteger; requiredWidth of the creative in device-independent pixels.
hInteger; requiredHeight of the creative in device-independent pixels.
mediatypeString; requiredOne of: banner, video.
admString; requiredThe actual ad markup: XHTML if responding to a Banner Object; VAST URL if responding to a Video Object.
metaObject; requiredThe Meta Object.
burlString; requiredThe billing notice URL.
dsp_idString; requiredThe DSP id.

Meta object

advertiserDomainsArray of strings; required
extObject; optionalMeta Ext Object

Meta Ext object

This object is an arbitrary JSON with reserved fields.
The field app is reserved for the App Object. The field win_notice_ext is reserved for the Win Notice Ext Object. It is used to pass extra data to the win notice.

appObject; optionalThe App Object
inventory_sourceString; optionalThe inventory source
dsp_auction_idString; optionalThe auction id of the DSP auction.
win_notice_extObject; optionalThe Win Notice Ext Object

App Object

app_bundleString; optionalThe id of the App Bundle on the App Store
app_idString; optionalThe AIDEM generated App ID
app_nameString; optionalThe name of the App
app_store_urlString; optionalThe store url or the App