Base Technical Requirements

If you are a DSP looking to integrate with AIDEM, you must develop a bidding implementation based on the OpenRTB Version 2.5 standard and make sure that you meet real-time bidding requirements.


  1. You must pass all required parameters in bid responses including Content-Length and make sure that you have seat.bid support.
  2. You must be able to receive only secure bid requests and send only secure bid responses.
  3. You must send all requests over HTTPS. No HTTP is allowed.
  4. You must respond to bid requests within 100 ms.


  1. Display (Mobile Web, Desktop Web, In-App)
  2. Video (Mobile, Desktop, In-App, CTV)

Impression counting and Billing

  1. bURL must be used for impression counting and billing. bURL will be called server side.
  2. ${AUCTION_PRICE} is the winning price macro for the bURL.
  3. Win price is provided in USD.
  4. We do not do any bid shading.


  1. We support VAST 2.0, VAST 3.0, VAST Wrapper 2.0, VAST Wrapper 3.0.
  2. The adm field must contain the VAST XML.
  3. We do not support reward video.
  1. We do not support demand initiated cookie-syncing.
  2. We do not support sync redirects.


  1. We collect consent from user using Publisher provided TCF string.
  2. We use field user.ext.consent to indicate consent.


  1. We collect consent from user using Publisher provided US Privacy string.
  2. We use field regs.ext.us_privacy to indicate consent.


  1. We do not have COPPA regulated inventory.