Win notification macro

Base Technical Requirements

DSPs must include the ${AUCTION_PRICE} win notification macro and optionally the ${SUPPLY_FEE} macro in the adm or burl field of the Bid object. Bids without a win notification macro are rejected. The macro is replaced only if you win the auction and the creative is served to a user.

Include the following win notification macros in the creative that you send to AIDEM:

${AUCTION_PRICE}RequiredThe winning price for the impression, in dollars.
${SUPPLY_FEE}OptionalThe revenue share percentage (%) that AIDEM takes as margin from the buyer’s bid.
Include the ${SUPPLY_FEE} macro to receive AIDEM's revenue share for individual transactions in real-time. For example, a 5% revenue share will result in a value of “5.0”.
Note: If the seller does not allow fee disclosure, AIDEM will not substitute the ${SUPPLY_FEE} macro with the AIDEM revenue share and will return an empty macro.

If the DSP wins the auction, the win notification macro is evaluated and the bid price is sent to the DSP when the ad markup or burl is consumed by the browser, or video player. If the publisher allows fee disclosure and the ${SUPPLY_FEE} macro is included, the AIDEM revenue share for that transaction is also provided.

Encrypting clear prices

Some publishers require that any pricing information that is visible on the page to be encrypted. We support encryption of the clear price embedded in DSP win notifications using Google’s encryption algorithm, HMAC_SHA1.

Bid Response

To support encryption, you must append a custom suffix such as AIDEM to the clear price notification macro in the bid response using the OpenRTB standard in the following format:


AIDEM advises that all DSP partners support clear price encryption. Bid responses that do not support this are excluded from all auctions where a publisher requires encryption.

Win Notification

Use Google’s algorithm to decrypt an encrypted clear price. For more information, see Decrypt Price Confirmations in Google's Authorized Buyers documentation. We provide encryption and integrity keys; the decrypted values are displayed in micro USD. Refer to the decryption output below for an example:

Integrity Key: ed81b2e9466ec5fa4f1384272f634a0cb5262d2085e3b5262810eabc96051537
Value to Decode: Vs3pLAAAAADhyo6uRlLOWOL_BrmQYsSx-Uinbw
Decoded Value: 4534896 micro dollars = 4.534896 dollars

DSPs are notified of a winning bid (and the results) after each impression is served.

Creative Previews

If an encryption method is defined between AIDEM and the DSP, then the creatives used for previews and approval will have the clear price notification macro replaced by the encrypted equivalent of 0$ or a custom value (for example, AUDIT). This helps DSPs differentiate creative previews from real traffic.