1. Grant AIDEM Business Manager (ID: 1859745757475630) the following permissions:
    • Manage Campaigns for Ad account
    • Manage Ads for Facebook Page
    • Manage Ads for Instagram Profile
    • View Pixels for Meta Pixel
    • Create Ads for Meta Catalogue
  2. Add AIDEM STREAM pixel to your website.
  3. OPTIONAL: If external attribution is used (e.g., GA4), grant read-only access to the Client Service team for optimizing delivery.
  4. AIDEM will conduct operation checks to verify permission sharing.


  1. Schedule a meeting to define objectives, KPIs, budget, and flight dates. AIDEM will provide a proposal for a successful test.
  2. AIDEM's team will create the campaign for the test once the proposal is agreed upon.
  3. AIDEM will connect the A.I via the API using the campaign ID without interfering with any other activities running in the account.
  4. After building the campaign, the client can upload desired adverts to the AIDEM campaign for the test.
  5. AIDEM will launch the campaign following the campaign brief, once approved by the client.

Running activites

  1. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings will be scheduled to discuss results and performance, and AIDEM team will be available daily for any questions.
  2. At the end of the test, AIDEM will schedule a final meeting where a full analysis and reporting will be presented.
  3. Finally, once the uplift of results has been proven, we would like to discuss a partnership.